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seven points of light

Seven Points of Light:
Chakras & Empowerment

Combine Eastern healing wisdom and Western behavioral understanding to move beyond the past.

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ayurvedic balancing

Cornerstones of Ayurveda
Bring balance to your life

Explore the cornerstones of Ayurveda to bring balance to your appetite, results to your exercise routine, and deep relaxation.

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meditation for relaxation

Deep Relaxation
Meditation/Sleep Enhancement

Reduce tension, enhance sleep and increase well-being! Learn yoga breath, seated meditation and reclining qi gong visualization with behavior changes strategies for easier rest.

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About Restorative Yoga

yoga for balance

Yoga 4 Balance
Core strength with flexibility

Physical balance starts from the ankle on up; core strength is built by carefully and consistently moving the spine in four directions, helping reduce back pain/stress.

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east-west cooking class

East-West Cooking Class
Cooking with fun and flavor

Learn to use fresh herbs, spices and natural ingredients to create simple gourmet meals that truly satisfy your palette/budget & decrease appetite.

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fung shui in a day

Feng Shui In A Day! ©
Balance for home/office/garden

Learn Feng Shui basics to bring balance to your home and environment. Reduce clutter and amplify the 8 areas of abundance in any room. Enhance your garden.

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Weight Loss Program

Our healthy version of The "Biggest Loser", featuring The Coach Approach© & NutriSum™

Registration for 2011 has started!

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East West Cooking Class


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